When you need a director, a delay can slow down or even jeopardize a transaction at hand. IMT’s hassle-free process gets the documents analyzed and signed, routed and returned in time to meet even the tightest closing deadline, whatever the size of the deal within reasonable diligence requirements.

In close connection with a/o law firms and accounting/audit firms we provide our services  as follows, at competitive prices.

Independent Director

To be appointed as (Interim) Manager/Director.
A yearly responsibility fee is offered depending on complexity and duties.

Involvement with the Luxembourg business:
Operating and managing the Company/Fund and effectuating transactions, interpreting and signing documents, participating in conference calls, meetings, correspondence etc. will normally be charged at an hourly rate.

Independent Liquidator

IMT can also be engaged as Independent Liquidator of companies under similar arrangements.

Related matters

  • we do not provide formal legal opinions
  • special functional requirements can be met on a case by case basis
  • alternative fee arrangements are possible
  • please contact us for more information on our services and fees