Independent Director since 2010

Mr. Paul Lamberts’ primary object is  to act personally as independent director/(interim) manager. After over 25 years of expertise as a consultant/manager/director in international business and being based in a/o Amsterdam and Luxembourg Mr. Paul Lamberts started as Independent Director in 2010.

Substance – Corporate Governance – Business Consultant

  • In order to benefit successfully from international financial planning your man on the ground should be qualified to act on your behalf in Luxembourg
  • This should be substantiated by a (co-)director with the required experience and knowledge
  • Luxembourg transfer pricing rules insist a/o on Luxembourg resident directors
  • Strategic decisions by the Luxembourg entity should be taken ‘on the ground’ in Luxembourg as much as practically possible
  • Corporate Governance improves considerably by adding an Independent Director to the managing board
  • Luxembourg management should be able to efficiently co-operate with all parties concerned for the successful setup and maintenance of your corporate structure and transactions involved

Paul Lamberts has a Masters Degree in Tax Law from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He is Ph.D. candidate in international tax treaty law at Maastricht University (NL) and specialized in M&A at Harvard University (US).

Over the years he has served as Director/Manager of active international companies and funds and has developed extensive knowledge of the legal and tax implications of international transactions.

Mr. Lamberts has a Luxembourg Business License as Conseiller Économique with nr. 100123899/0.

Paul is also a CSSF (Luxembourg Financial Sector Regulator) accredited Fund Director and Member of the Luxembourg Institute of Directors (ILA), IFA and IBA.